The taste of Rodionov’s Polugar is unlike any alcoholic beverage currently produced.
Medium heavy coating of the glass on swirling with tears forming then morphing into heavy droplets. Clear splice appearance overall.
Luscious bread like aromas with touches of sweetness, and slight sharpness of wheat. Displaying a deft hand at distilling by the absence of the usual heads and spirity notes that wheat vodka can easily display if not for a very careful distillation.
Liquid bread, with a pleasing sweetness and oiliness on initial entry.The grain like impression continues with a wheat germ like oiliness with touches of moneymaking for a unparalleled smoothness and captures the essence of wheat.
While it mixes well and does an amazing job at smoothing off the hard edges and angles of some ingredients (particularly Bloody Mary’s and spicier cocktails, it really should be enjoyed naked on its’ own at room temperature to fully appreciate just how great it is. Almost any vodka can be drunk cold enough, a number of vodkas can be appreciated at room temperature (which can display faults quite rapidly in many others), but this one really stand out among the wheat vodkas to be sipped and savoured at room temperature displaying all its charms.
One of the smoothest and best wheat vodkas we have ever had. A lovely. Fatty, and sumptuous expression of a vodka.If this vodka was a moment I would describe it as Rubenesque. I just wish this vodka cost a bit less, so I could afford to have more of it. While it is expensive in the scale of vodkas, the quality sets a standard for a luscious style of vodka. If you want the best buy this one.