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G a s t r o n o m y
Polugar No.1 Rye & Wheat
Polugar is a historical Russian grain distillate, called “bread wine” since the 16th century. In fact, Polugar is the grandfather of all Russian vodkas. Today Polugar is the most gastronomic Russian strong drink of all.
"Numbered" Polugars (No.1 Rye & Wheat and No.2 Garlic & Pepper) are not new items in the collection of the Rodionov & Sons Private Distillery, but the concept of both varieties is still the same — a further development of the most traditional Russian grain distillate.
Polugar No.1 is exactly what was called “bread wine” in classical Russian literature, which was made from rye and wheat in copper stills. Its release was discontinued in 1895, and only recently Boris Rodionov restored historical justice. Rodionov & Sons Private Distillery produced Polugar No.1 Rye & Wheat — a grain distillate thrice distilled, refined with birch charcoal, with bright bread aromas.
Polugar No.2 Garlic & Pepper
Polugar No.2 is also distilled three times, but for the third time with garlic and pepper. Thanks to this, the taste of the drink retains its characteristic bready shades and is enriched with burning notes. The sharpness of Polugar No.2 Garlic & Pepper perfectly sets off the pork fat and Professor Preobrazhensky's favorite snack (croutons with bone marrow).
Sergey Golubev, the chef of the Ermak restaurant, offers a classic Russian appetizer, smoked and salted fish, to two types of Polugar made from rye and wheat. A rich set of sterlet smoked on alder sawdust, lightly salted salmon, cold-smoked muksun (whitefish) and halibut and hot-smoked char with Polugar No.1 will create a very soft pair: "bread" wine does not replace bread as such, but works with fish snacks approximately the same way. scheme. With Polugar No.2, the tastes of garlic, pepper, salted and smoked fish will mutually emphasize each other, so in this case you should refrain from any additions, especially sauces with horseradish, otherwise it will turn out too spicy. The recommended serving temperature for both types of Polugar with cold fish appetizers is about 10°C.