Extraordinary softness of drinking
G a s t r o n o m y
Polugar Wheat
Polugar is a historical Russian grain distillate, called “bread wine” since the 16th century. In fact, Polugar is the grandfather of all Russian vodkas. Today Polugar is the most gastronomic Russian strong drink of all.
Polugar Wheat is made by triple distillation of mash from malted and unmalted wheat grains in a copper still. After the third distillation, it is purified by traditional methods — fresh egg white and birch charcoal. The result is perhaps the most silky and delicate of all Polugars, with a rounded aroma of warm wheat bread, dry herbs and honey. The taste of Polugar Wheat is also very soft, which makes it especially gastronomic. Dmitry Razumov, head chef of the Myaso restaurant, decided to pair Charolais beef with Polugar Wheat, the most tender meat of all. The Charolais breed is distinguished by the same genetic defect as the Piedmontese — thin bones and muscle hypertrophy (that is, elastic and at the same time tender meat).
Sommelier of the Myaso restaurant Ivan Chirkov believes that the gastronomic possibilities of this drink are almost unlimited: “Soups, smoked lard, fish, meat. We chose French Charolais beef with very tender fatty layers to emphasize the delicacy of both the product and the drink. In Polugar Wheat there is no harshness, like in vodka, it is very delicate, like Charolais. It should be served slightly chilled, somewhere up to 16 °C”.