The taste of Rodionov’s Polugar is unlike any alcoholic beverage currently produced.
Clear, silvery, viscous/oily in appearance. On swirling it leaves a nice oily coating on the glass with long smith legs retreating slowly from the edge line with some droplets.

Very much just like baked bread notes, a rich grain four with slight herbal and grassy note with touches of honey and a breath of mint.
Lovely, oily entry with a heavy, almost viscous body and a taste that reminds you of a really outstanding Poteen (Unaged Irish Whiskey – usually made illicitly. Smooth and slightly oily, on entry with a full smooth taste. Like a liquid grainy bread or great pastry with touches of mint and honey with a lovely fade/finish of herbs, mint and honey with an ever so slight drying leaving you with a nice grain taste. This spirit is so smooth and gentle it hides the fact tat it is as strong as it is – until you bonelessly slide under the table if you are not careful...
It adds a lovely body and some complexity, especially in a vodka cocktail, rounding and smoothing edges, blending seamlessly and adding its own whispers and nuances to a cocktail.
We use the term vodka in our description and search index so people may fnd it easier. It bears little relation to what passes for vodka these days, and I mean the in only a complimentary way.