The taste of Rodionov’s Polugar is unlike any alcoholic beverage currently produced.
Clear with no inclusions, sediment, etc. On swirling it leaves a light coat on the glass with the swirl line retreating rapidly small legs that turn into droplets.
Moderate notes of pepper – not the blast (I as afraid was going to happen) with a light pepper aromatic to it carried on light scents of alcohol. Not at all like the usual nose burning and foor wax and string bean waxy smell of a lot of other pepper vodkas. Exceedingly clean and delicate. The wheat and the rye round off the edges of what could be a harsher distillate if not carefully done and artful cuts to the heads and tails.
Delicate whispers of pepper with a slightly oily entry and the sweet and sour of the rye contrasts to the smooth wheat. The pepper starts off touch sweet, then warms a small bit and is boosting the alcohol warmth, then a nice fade to an alkali tang on the tongue, and a pleasantly warmish finish that is quite pleasant – not the usual hellfire and choking that some pepper vodkas go in for. A delicate job of imparting favour and heat without burning down the tasters taste buds. Beautifully balanced and understated.
An alternative for a twist on a Gibson (Gin Martini with a cocktail onion instead of the usual olive or lemon twist) and those drinks people call vodka martinis. Works well in Bloody Marys and many other drinks calling for a blast spice and aromatics.
A very well made pepper vodka.